Color Additive

Over time in Florida your surface is exposed to many harsh elements such as rain, salt, and harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun which strip the color from your surface leaving your investment looking faded and worn due to loss of color well before its time. By adding this Semitransparent concentrated color to your sealer you can now recolor and rejuvenate your worn and faded surface all in one step. This process is useful for many surfaces such as brick pavers, concrete, stamped concrete, faux rock surfaces and veneers, and many other surfaces. With many colors to choose from and endless color combinations you are sure to find the perfect color you are looking for, whether its to just deepen and rejuvenate your existing color, or change it all together. You are able to choose the amount of pigment you would like the pavers to have by simply using more or less of the concentrated liquid. Our team will be happy to help walk you through choosing your desired level of color. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can provide you with color options to help bring back the beautiful color that has been lost over time!