Pressure Cleaning

Premier Paver Restoration clients enhance the value of their property with our commercial-grade pressure cleaning. Our staff exemplifies what attention to detail is all about in the removal of dirt, moss, mildew, oil, and grime from any type of surface.  We start with a surface scrubber to insure all mildew, mold, and debris are removed from the surface & joints. The surface scrubber also helps to insure minimal mess.  After the scrubbing is complete we use environmentally friendly commercial grade degreasers and cleaning products to remove, oil & rust stains etc.  Once all cleaning is done, we use a gentle rinse tip to clean and rinse off all screens, windows, walls, and landscaping.


UVA/UVB rays strip your pavers of their color, resulting in a property that looks unappealing. To resolve this issue, many sealer options are available depending on your needs.  We offer Matte, Low Luster, and Gloss finishes.  All three finishes have additives that protect from not only uva/uvb rays, but will also slow down mildew and mold growth all while bringing back all of your natural color and luster, making them look new again.


Time takes its toll on all things. Soil shifts and stones chip, but there are always solutions to these problems. Premier Paver Restoration provides re-laying and leveling of uneven and sunken or bulging pavers to ensure smooth surfaces.  Our re-leveling experts will pull up pavers, remove roots or correct sinking areas, pack it with crushed limestone and re-lay the pavers & re-concrete where needed. 

Stripping & Resealing

There are two main reasons pavers need to be stripped.  One is the over application of sealer from a previous seal job causing pavers to turn blotchy and/ or white, or an unbreathable sealer being applied while there is still moisture in the paver causing moisture to rise to surface with nowhere to escape and then causing pavers to look blotchy and/or white as well.  We use commercial grade product to insure all old sealer is removed. We have found that stripping the surface no less them 3 times insures the most old sealer is removed preventing problem from returning and allowing us to re-apply new breathable sealer to surface that will never turn white in the future.


Premier Paver Restoration offers permenant color change of your Pavers, Concrete, Wood etc.  We use top of the line stains to insure longevity, durability, and beautiful color.

Color Additive

Over time in Florida your surface is exposed to many harsh elements such as rain, salt, and harmful UVA/UVB rays from the sun which strip the color from your surface leaving your investment looking faded and worn due to loss of color well before its time. By adding this Semitransparent concentrated color to your sealer you can now recolor and rejuvenate your worn and faded surface all in one step. This process is useful for many surfaces such as brick pavers, concrete, stamped concrete, faux rock surfaces and veneers, and many other surfaces. With many colors to choose from and endless color combinations you are sure to find the perfect color you are looking for, whether its to just deepen and rejuvenate your existing color, or change it all together. You are able to choose the amount of pigment you would like the pavers to have by simply using more or less of the concentrated liquid. Our team will be happy to help walk you through choosing your desired level of color. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff can provide you with color options to help bring back the beautifulc color that has been lost over time!

Paver Installation

With endless possibilities and design options, paver installation will bring beauty and value to your home or business. We work with many local paver manufactures to offer many styles, colors, and types of pavers and natural stone. From paver pads and walkways to Firepits and more, we have experts on hand to help bring your idea to life. Call today and let one of our friendly and knowlegeable staff help you get started on your project!

Payment Packages

Premier Paver Restoration offers flexible payment options to keep your property maintenance simple. Clients can choose quarterly or annual packages for year-round curb appeal. Contact us today for more information.